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Welcome to Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences, Kansoe

Excerpts from a letter of the President of ReCAS to the Students                


I welcome the continuing students back to campus and extend a similar hearty welcome to the fresh students. We are happy that you have come in to join the train of pace-setters, who believe that “the reality of a better tomorrow begins in a dream today”. It is this dream of a better tomorrow that has driven the founding generation of the Regentropfen-Family to establish ReCAS. In joining ReCAS, you want to share in this vision and dream.

The realization of a dream does not always begin with big steps. Take the issue of a well: the water comes in bit by bit. Patience strengthened by hope is needed to allow enough of it to gather. The hurry to fetch the water upon the collection of the first few liters would lead to one also fetching sand. That is why patience is needed. As we all know, ReCAS is barely in the second semester after accreditation. However, it dreams to grow and become big. It does it by setting its own standards rather than living the reality of other institutions. Why does that mean? Our students and staff live by these standards emanating from the desire for excellent quality. Since a child cannot wear the coat of an adult, ReCAS goes slow but with focus.  

We are the first tertiary institution in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region and the second Private University and are located in an area, where no one would have dared to go to. The students of ReCAS know that the institution has the interest of the students at heart and thus designs all its program in such a way that all students are prepared to be entrepreneurs. What this implies and how it is done can be experienced in our everyday life in ReCAS. 

I wish you well and God's abundant blessing: you ae a pace-setter! Live out your dream!

The President