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Africa Youth and Talent Summit

Meet Sixtus Kuudaar a computer Science student of Regentropfen College of Applied Science and the CEO of PSV Gas a student lead firm

He was a Panelist on the discussion session of leadership at the just ended Africa Youth Summit in Kenya. With his experience as an entrepreneur in school he shared his thought and experience to the youth of Africa on how to be self- lead and productive as well and opening opportunities for African youth to excel in the world market.

An annual event for Africa's youth and held in major cities across Africa. The Africa Youth and Talent Summit is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Green Platinum and Ink Media.

What is the Purpose of the Summit?

To educate the African youth with skills for continental development across sectors of the Africa economy. To unite Africa’s youth towards building a strong relationship for continental growth through ideas shared from the summit.

The purpose of the summit is also to present a positive development framework to the AU countries, ministries of youth’s government and public universities within the continent.

More so, the summit is to give an opportunity for the youth to learn from renowned and qualified experts on various career developments for the betterment of our continent.

Prince Siito Sofo CEO of N-TV tamale and Sixtus Kuudaa were the only representatives from Ghana.

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'REGENTROPFEN' is a German word and means raindrops. It is not just a name, but more so it serves as the program of the "University" College.