Welcome to the haven of knowledge for pace setters. We promote talents!

'REGENTROPFEN' is a German word and means raindrops. It is not just a name, but more so it serves as the program of the "University" College.


Hon. Regional Minister, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University for Development Studies, the Director of Academic Planning, Research & Quality Assurance of the University for Development Studies, the College Council Chairman and council members present, Registrar of Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences, Faculty members and Staff, Our friends from the Media, Parents/Guardians, our dear Students, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you all for honouring our invitation to the maiden matriculation of fresh students. This ceremony marks the beginning of the fulfilment of my personal philosophy of life that says “the reality of a better tomorrow begins in a dream today”. This dream is not static but rather dynamic. The beginnings of the realisation of dreams are sometimes very humble like that of ReCAS. It is challenging and sometimes misunderstood by observers.

 Dear students, you have joined an institution that places very high value on academic excellence and does not neglect hands-on training. It is the reason why we offer Business and Career Development Courses. Starting with ReCAS marks the beginning of higher education with the challenges and joys that come with it. We demand hard-work, discipline, critical and analytical thinking as well as developing soft skills that make you become responsible citizens.

ReCAS thrives on the modern principle of running a “University as Enterprise”. You see this already in the desire of every department to be competitive on campus and outside but also in the creation of jobs on campus. We want to demonstrate to you, our dear students, that there are countless business opportunities here in the Upper East Region and Ghana as a whole. It has to do with seeing things with the appropriate business eyes. Those of you who have had the opportunity to interact with me know my popular statement: “I see money lying everywhere on the streets”. My statement is about the inacceptable situation in Ghana whereby people talk about “Association of Unemployed Graduates” rather than the association of innovators and creative entrepreneurs. It is about the situation where people say that they are not getting jobs. We at ReCAS say: “create jobs for yourself and others”. We welcome you to this family of ReCAS where talents are promoted. Avail yourself to this opportunity.

Honourable Regional Minister, dear Pro Vice-Chancellor of UDS, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, all protocol observed, I end my speech by thanking you all for working with us to give hope to our younger ones, who would otherwise not have gotten opportunity to pursue tertiary education. We are glad to say that apart from our work and study program, 30% of the students who are going to be matriculated today are on scholarship offered by Regentropfen Education Foundation and the Founder of ReCAS. We look forward to Ghanaians and firms joining the train to take up mentorship of some of our students and to help us financially to give scholarship to brilliant but needy students. The development of Ghana depends on us and we can make it.

I end here with a heart full of gratitude and joy and wish you all God’s abundant blessing.

The President