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The campus of ReCAS is located in Kansoe, opposite Namoo Primary A in the Bongo District of Upper East Region. It is only three kilometers away from the border to Burkina Faso.






Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences is located in Kansoe, opposite Namoo Primary School, and only three kilometers away from the Border to Burkina Faso. The location is in line with the philosophy of Regentropfen Education Foundation and the German partner, Stiftung Regentropfen – Bildung zum Leben, namely, that good and quality education should not be the preserve of the rich in society but should also be accessible to the poor and marginalized.


The location is strategic in two perspectives, namely, socio-religious dimension and modern business strategic thinking. Concretely it fulfils the socio-religious responsibility of bringing good tertiary education to the door steps of the needy in society – based on the Christian principle of solidarity with the poor. It further contributes to fulfilling the millennium goals.   In the business world, it has a bench matching element, since most good universities are established in the Southern part of Ghana with only few existing in the North part of the country. Not only in the field of education but also in the areas of commerce and industry, the three regions in the Northern part of Ghana can boast of conducive business environment in terms of established client base and the potentials of getting new clients.


Kansoe in Bongo District is a good market area to attract and capture upcoming Senior High School leavers that want to pursue programmes in a university. The area is greatly boosted by surrounding areas like Bongo, Bawku, Bolgatanga, Navrongo, Wa, Tamale and even neighbouring Burkina Faso and Northern Togo, where students complete Senior High School each year and would have to compete with many other applicants for the few vacancies at existing universities and Colleges.