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The Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences



The name of the institution is Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences (ReCAS).

'REGENTROPFEN' is a German word and means raindrops. It is not just a name, but more so it serves as the program of the College.

Rain brings life to humanity and to the whole of creation. In the same spirit, ReCAS is to promote life.




The ReCAS Emphasis


ReCAS is developing a philosophy of education that lays emphasis on technological advancement and scientific research combined with professional accompaniment of the students to make them fit for the labour market and to enable them contribute effectively to sustainable development in their respective societies.


The College lays emphasis on the value of development and progress that is founded on the bedrock of organic growth and takes the human person as an important agent of change and development.

It is part of the uniqueness of ReCAS to run a special center called Business and Career Development Center (BCDC) – 90% of the trainers will be German Business Executives. Another unique character of ReCAS is social inclusion and gender equity.

The landscape, facilities and teaching will pay attention to these issues. A graduate of ReCAS comes out with three languages: English, French and Sign Language.



The focus of ReCAS is the human person, who lives in a community of humans, has responsibility towards life given to him by the Creator, God. He, the human person, also has responsibility for the beauty of the environment.

Just as rain makes the landscape green and enables the earth to get life, Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences is to bring hope and courage to all those who come into contact with it, its programs and personnel.

'Many drops of water make a mighty ocean' and so the individual person as well as the community of individuals contribute to a pool of talents and bring about life.

A good mixture of the promotion of individuality and communal spirit will thus form the strength of ReCAS.


Networking and cooperation is very important is running a modern day tertiary institution. Importance is thus given to this component of the life of the College to enhance synergy effect.

Research is geared towards solving problems and so will be done as much as possible in collaboration with other tertiary institution in and outside Ghana with similar values.

Even though we are new and small, we believe that change begins with the individual. Do you want to be an agent of change and organic growth? Your partner is ReCAS. Add value to society! Strive to promote life in society!