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Accounting Department

Accounting Department offers two programs, namely, Diploma in Accounting and B.Sc. Accounting

Program Philosophy:

Technological advances and the complex global economy influence the way business is operated and managed. Complex situations call for equally well-trained personnel who will lead a national economy to meet the challenges posed by technological change and the increasing global economy. Accounting as a discipline also responds to this task. It is one of the high potential and fastest-growing areas in the business management.

Like all graduates from ReCAS, the graduates in B.Sc. in Accounting must be able to discern business opportunities and react accordingly; be trained to add value to business and to lead the changes that come with such business.

Basic Education Department

Basic Education department runs its programmes (B.Ed. in Basic Education and Dip. in Basic Education) based on the principle that teacher professionalism stems from sound religious and moral values, commitment to social justice and inclusion and good balance of skill competences and theoretical understanding of the basic education curriculum. Hence, it seeks to produce competent and sound pre-service and in-service professionals who are committed to working with young children of diverse backgrounds. The goal of the programme is to prepare knowledgeable, professionally competent and ethical conscious teachers who can contribute effectively to the on-going national agenda of promoting quality education.

The Basic Education Programmes of ReCAS are in line with national demand for quality teachers to drive its on-going educational quality improvement programme. The programmes are aimed at not only filling this huge gap in the preparation of teachers for the basic schools in Ghana, but also contribute to the current equity and parity challenges. The location of ReCAS in rural Kansoe setting of the Upper East Region is intended to condition its products to appreciate rural conditions and challenges as they live with and learn within that setting.

Blending the typical Education Programmes with those of Business and Career Development Center the young teachers are prepared to be customer-oriented (Pupil-oriented).