Accreditation and Affiliation


Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences has been given accreditation registered in terms of regulation 14(1) of the Tertiary Institutions (Establishment and Accreditation) Regulations, 2010 (L.I 1984) by the National Accreditation on the 31st of March and 15th of August 2016 respectively.

On the same day the following programmes were given accreditation up to 2019:

B.Ed. Basic Education

B. Sc. Business Administration

B. Sc. Accounting

B. Sc. Computer Science

B. Sc. Agriculture for Social Change

Dip. Basic Education

Dip. Business Administration

Dip. Accounting

Dip. Computer Science

Dip. Agriculture for Social Change


ReCAS is affiliated to University for Development Studies, Tamale, which will also issue the respective certificates.