The ReCAS Hostel

Hostel Facilities

As at 2017 ReCAS has one hostel called Premier Hostel. It has four units with six rooms each and a common hall. Every room has its own toilet and shower. Privacy of students is guaranteed and they can form small communities in their units. Note that extra charge is made for use of electricity and water. Whoever comes first is served first. Make a reservation today. Contact:

Procedure for acquisition of a room:

  1. Declare your intention for a room to the office of Business and Career Development Center.
  2. A bill will be given to you thus qualifying you to make payment to Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences, Acc. Nr.: 200-0201 9624 – 01, National Investment Bank, Bolgatanga.
  3. Present the Pay-in-slip with bill to office of Business and Career Development Center for issuance of a bed/room.