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List of Students-led Firms


The Business and Career Development Center (BCDC) of the Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences launched and outdoor two of its students’-led firms on Friday, March 8th, 2019 at ReCAS campus. The two firms were “Crafty Bakery and Breakfast” and “Blessed Hands Poultry Farm”. During the launch, the President of the College, Rv. Fr. Dr. Moses Asaah Awinongya (SVD) and the director of BCDC, Mr. Isaac Azure, entreated the students to take their businesses seriously and expand to employ more people. The groups were given start-up capital to commence operations.


Crafty Bakery and Breakfast

They are a group of students who are into bakery and breakfast preparations for ReCAS Community and beyond. They went through a series of coaching from the Enterprise Promotion Unit (EPU) of BCDC and had completed their business proposal.


They received a sum of One Thousand Ghana Cedis Only (GHC 1,000.00) from BCDC to start their business. The names of students are listed below;




  • Nyarko Beatrice(level 100, Computer Science)
  • Apam Paulina (Level 200, Business Administration)
  • Ayamga Hagar (Level 200, Basic Education)
  • Stephen Maldima Tobigah (level 200, Computer Science)

Blessed Hands Poultry Farm

The students are into table egg production (poultry –layers) on ReCAS campus. The initiative came from the students and with the support of the Enterprise Promotion Unit (EPU) of BCDC, a business proposal was developed for implementation. They intend starting on a small scale with 55 layers only in the first year and expand gradually. They also aimed at using their farm as a model farm for many farmers to learn from and to provide employment to many people in the future. They received a sum of Two Thousand Ghana Cedis Only (GHC 2,000.00) from BCDC to start their business. The names of students are listed below;




  • Melissa Amenuveve (level 100, Computer Science)
  • Mr. Ethelbert Anyintuo (level 100, Computer Science)
  • Mr. Matthew Adda (level 100, Computer Science)


PSV Gas Distribution Company Ltd was the first student-led firm to be outdoored about a year ago, 28th March 2018