Speech by Mr. Evans Tee, Acting Dean of Students’ Affairs - Swearing-in Ceremony of New SRC Executives - 2018/2019

The Office of the Dean of Students

holds a Swearing-In Ceremony of new ReCAS-SRC Executive Council Members.

The Swearing-In Ceremony of ReCAS-SRC Executive Council Members, Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Assistant Registrars, Representatives of Departments, Lecturers, Staff, Students, Ladies and Gentlemen.


Once every year at the end of every academic year, the Office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs holds a Swearing-In Ceremony of new ReCAS-SRC Executive Council Members. This day represents the end of a very simple electoral process which begun on the 2nd May 2018. Overall, the process was very successful and we could not have achieved this without the commitment and hard work of the Electoral Commission. I thank all nominees who participated in this year’s electoral process for your courage and dedication to lead your fellow ReCAS Students.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the management of the University College is very pleased to note that our students have held a very successful elections yet again. We therefore seize this opportunity to congratulate the winners and urge you to work together with all competitors who put up spirited contest and showed up maturity but lost to you.  We are proud of all of you!!!!


To the new executive council members of the ReCAS SRC, it is the privilege of the Office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs to welcome you to what is going to be your second “domus”. From this time, apart from your hostels, libraries and the lecture theaters you will be spending much of your active lives on campus within our midst. Well done and welcome to the department that seeks the welfare of all ReCAS Students.


My first advice goes to you! Please, do not waste time focusing on your individual interests but focus on the activities that will address the concerns and improve the welfare of your fellow students. I wish to assure you that the Management of the University College will give you all the support you require in order to acquit your duties in a manner that is desirable. I encourage you to use dialogue and to give dialogue a chance as and when you engage the management of this College.


I therefore implore you to familiarize yourselves with all the REGULATIONS of the College. I wish you all the best as you embark on your new leadership roles.

Also, I will take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Council Members for holding the fort of SRC till this day. I believe that you shall continually portray yourselves as ambassadors of the students’ welfare and that you shall make yourselves available for consultations from this new Council.


A very big thank you to all the students for demonstrating to us that you are indeed united for the right purpose. I wish to express our appreciation from the Office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs to the Management and staff of ReCAS especially to the President of the College, Rev. Fr. Dr. Moses Asaah Awinnogya for your wonderful support we received in organizing these elections as well as from the many departments of the College that supported us.


Thank you!!! God bless you all!!!

I invite all students to take few minutes to explore this page and find out more about the various services offered by the Office of the Dean of Students (ODS).


The Office of the Dean of Students has the full responsibility for student's welfare and student life on  campus.  It  provides  you  with  various  opportunities  to  foster  your  intellectual  and  personal growth, to develop and improve in your overall academic experiences at ReCAS and make friends from  different  cultures.  You  are  strongly  encouraged  to participate in the diversity of students’ activities organized by the Office of the Dean of Students and to expand your horizons outside the lecture  theaters  through  exposure  to  social,  cultural,  career  development,  recreational  and governance programs.



ODS Mission Statement

The office of the Dean of Students is a partner in the university learning community. Education is enhanced, both inside and outside of the classroom, through high-impact programs and services that  advance  student  learning,  development  and  success.  The  office  facilitates  the  academic success, personal growth and well-being of all students. ODS connects students to the university and to their future, building communities that foster progress toward degree completion and future endeavors.



ODS Vision Statement



The  office  of  the  Dean  of  Students  facilitates  the  personal  growth,  welfare,  intellectual development, academic achievement and career success of each individual student by:

Fostering a campus culture that encourages each student to pursue excellence and articulate his or her own goals;

Creating environments that support both academic and social living on our campuses;

Enhancing the  learning  environment  and  expanding  learning  opportunities  for  all  students inside and outside the classroom; 

Developing leaders who believe in and lead others toward supporting civility, mutual respect and diversity in our society and workplaces; 

Expanding  and  connecting  opportunities  for  students  to  participate  in  transformational experiences; 

Building and  expanding  the  human,  technological  and  physical  resources  that  support  the growth and development of student live.




  • The ODS supports student groups to create and register students organizations.
  • The  ODS  organizes  mandatory  orientations  for  student  groups  prior  to  their  student organization registration.
  • The ODS organizes student fora, including seminars on school life, examinations etc.
  • The ODS organizes lectures for newly recruited students.



Student Groups Registration

The University College admits that participation in the activities of student groups is an important aspect of the student experience in ReCAS. The University environment encourages the formation of different student groups. These groups may be defined in a variety of ways, according to:

  • a shared program of study,
  • a commitment to service,
  • a common activity, philosophy or background, or
  • a particular perspective.

When approving (or disapproving) a group’s application for registration, the University College takes into account the group’s stated purposes, goals, activities,  membership  criteria,  and  other attributes.  The  University  College  also  recognizes  its  obligation  to  support  the  activities  and regulate  the  conduct  of  student  groups,  for  the  benefit  of  the  groups  themselves  and  the  entire community. When a student group, through registration, enters into a formal relationship with the University College, responsibilities and benefits result for both.

Student Groups are registered and supported through the ODS.

Act. Dean, Students Affairs


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