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Welcome to the Regentropfen College

of Applied Sciences

Welcome to the haven of knowledge for pace setters. We promote talents!

Welcome to Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences, Kansoe



You are thinking of the complex modern system and the way forward? We at ReCAS do the same. What academic and professional training is suitable for the development of Ghana and West Africa?


We at ReCAS believe that education should bring about change and the products of education are thus catalysts of change. Have you dreamt about organic change of the society you live in but not know how? ReCAS offers you the Platform to combine academic research with practical training that will make you fit for the desired organic change.


We also believe that knowledge acquired must be useful to society and must contribute to create employment opportunities and better the living condition(s) in society. That is what the products of ReCAS learn, namely to create employment for themselves and others. A strong middle-level income group will thus be created, thereby giving the economy the needed boost for sustainable growth. We welcome you to be part of this dream. Remember that "a better tomorrow begins with a dream today". Instead of waiting for the storm to be over, learn to dance in the rain.


Welcome to the campus of pace setters!


The president