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Speech of the President of ReCAS on the Occasion of Maiden Graduation

Dear College Council Chairman, Honourable representatives from the regional coordination council, the bishops secretariat of Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese, representatives from Regional and Bongo District  Education office respectively, dear College Council Members, priests and religious present, dear academic, administrative and technical staff of Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences, our dear bankers, dear granduants, friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen, on the 2nd of August 2014 we officially outdoored Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences and blessed the facilities existing at that time.

At that time we did not know what would happen but we trusted in the Lord. The press in the Upper East Region took up the matter and made Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences, ReCAS known to the whole world. We say a big thank you to the press for this great job done.

Today we celebrate the graduation of the first batch of our diploma students. We give glory to God and to all our stakeholders for the support we have received all this while.

Every institution in our modern times survives first of all on good financial backing. Our bankers: ADB, Consolidated Bank Ghana, NIB and GN Bank have given us good customer service over the years. This made it possible for us to feel secured and to work accordingly. We say thanks so much for the service. Thanks also for coming to grace the occasion today.

Many times we knocked at the doors of the Regional Coordination Council, the Regional Education Office, the Bongo District Assembly, the Bongo District Education office as well as the Bishops Secretariat. None of them ever sent us away without a word of consolation and a directive as the way forward.

The College Council has given us maximum support and valuable direction to carry on with our work. We thank the able Chairman together with his able members for the support we have received and continue to receive from them. The Chairman’s award, namely, the best graduating student in innovation and entrepreneurship buttresses the importance of the form of education that ReCAS is offering. Students are guided and encouraged to form their own companies so that they would have overcome the problems associated with the teething stages of every  newly formed company.  The Prof. Agnes Apusiga best graduating female student award brings home the importance of women participating in every aspect of the economy. The statement that the place of the woman is in the kitchen belongs to oblivion. Prof. Agnes Apusiga is saying that our ladies should dare into the so-called male dominated professions. You can make it, my dear ladies.

Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences is affiliated to one of the best Universities in West Africa, namely, to University for Development Studies. We thank the Vice Chancellor and his able team for the great support we have received over the years and still receive in the years before the charter of ReCAS.

Dear grandaunts, you would agree with me that you are who you are today because of the good mentorship offered to you by academic and administrative of ReCAS. We give thanks to all of them. As you came into ReCAS two things stood out: 1. ReCAS is an institution of pacesetters and 2. ReCAS promotes talents. You have experienced both parts of the life of ReCAS in various ways. In the various letters that I have written to you during your two years of study in ReCAS, I made mention over and over again that we are training you to make a difference in the world: we are training you to create jobs for yourselves and for others; and we are training you to give solutions to social problems. Don‘t concentrate on making money. Concentrate on finding solutions to social problems. The money will come automatically.

Many of you are already on the labour market doing various things. You might have realised that the knowledge gained in the lecture hall has a different colour in the labour market. The stakeholders are expecting you to deliver results. You might have decided to take only particular courses serious during your time of study here in ReCAS. But then, you are requested from time to time by your superiors to undertake tasks that you never thought were important. It comes to buttress the point we make in ReCAS, that Industry is not there to train labour but rather industry is there to employ trained labour. Make it a reality wherever you are. I also urge you not to stop reading and exploring to gain more knowledge.

Two of you are getting special prizes: from the Chairman of the College we will be honouring the best graduating student in innovation and entrepreneurship. This young man took it upon himself to implement what makes ReCAS stand out, namely, to help students to form their own companies whilst in the University. Another prize is the Prof. Agnes Apusiga best graduating female student award. These two persons exemplify the many efforts that all of you are undertaking and undertook. Both of them were members of the first SRC executive Council. They contributed tremendously tot he shaping of students life on campus and all the same they found time to study hard and make very good grades. University life is about combining a lot of that would shape yourself for your future career. I congratulate them heartily for this first success stories.

Dear Grandaunts, ReCAS is proud of all of you. I congratulate you and bring you warm greetings also from the Chairperson of Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences ltd, Ms. Michaela Maria Bauer. The College is giving cash prize of GHC 500 to the overall best graduating student. Michaela Bauer and I will pay the second semester school fees of the student.

WE congratulate your young, dynamic and competent lecturers who guided you to bring out the gold in you. Now you have the responsibility to make sure that the gold gets more value for your good and the good of society.


I wish you all well and pray to God to richly bless all of us. May we in about four years be celebrating the graduation of 250 students and no more 25; may we be celebrating the success stories of 10 student led firms and not just of one; may we celebrating the graduating from 18 programmes. May the Lord bless our efforts and those of the various individuals, institutions and firms that accompany us.

Moses Asaah Awinongya SVD (Dr. Theol.), President of the College

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