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Promoting Growth Through Innovative Tertiary Education

At exactly 3:00pm Steyler Bank Hall of St. Joseph Faculty Block was full of students and staff of ReCAS, who were waiting for delivery of a seminar to mark the 2nd SRC Week Celebration. Thanks to today's technology, Fr. Awinongya could join the session per Whats-app. He spoke on the topic:

Promoting Growth Through Innovative Tertiary Education. 

In his delivery, Fr. Awinongya outlined the current state of tertiary education in Ghana and decried the phenomenon of institutions offering courses just for the sake of it. In his view, tertiary has the mandate of preparing the right manpower for a nation. It is thus important that emphasis is put on quality:

The ability to concentrate on the core mandate, would enable tertiary institutions to monitor and evaluate their contributions to the achievement of the core mandate. This would ensure that the right input is made into the building of the right human capacity. 

He further highlighted with passion why ReCAS was created in a village but not in a city:

the purpose is not to make money but rather to bring development into that part of the country, which would otherwise have been forgotten of.

He did not hesitate to highlight the innovation in the conception of the programmes of study at ReCAS which pays attention to the component of

Sign Language as well as professional and career development courses.

The students were delighted to get more information on the possibility to creating student-led-firms as well as "Work and Study".

The seminar ended at 4:15pm with enthused and joyful faces of seminar participants. 

Clean up exercise organized by the SRC as part of the activity-line-up for the week's celebration



 Date : Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

Time : 12:00 Noon

Venue : Lions Club MS Deutschland Lt. Hall

Guest Speaker : Prince Siita Sofo, The CEO of Northern Television

This year's SRC Week celebration is under the theme

" Promoting Growth Through Innovative Tertiary Education".

The whole celebration is geared towards making students realize their potentials through innovation. To promote their growth as long as they exist in a tertiary institution and more importantly after their studies at the College are complete.

Prince Siita in his speech boosted up the morale of all students to think and act like great men and women to solve problems first to suit themselves and the various places they find themselves.

Finally, he made all aware that we need to be business minded in all we do because it is out of the small things we do that we get bigger opportunities. He encouraged us to take advantage of all resources here in ReCAS so as to create employment for others and not become slaves as employees to employers because growth is promoted out of the small businesses we shall create as students before we even complete our stay in this institution.

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