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Studying at ReCAS



ReCAS provides a platform for young men and women to develop their talents in various fields. In the first phase of our task of education entrepreneurship, five Bachelor and five Diploma programmes will be offered in four departments and one center. A special character of ReCAS is social inclusion.


Therefore, Sign Language will be offered to all students. This has a special touch: our students are able to learn one more language, which is not common to all.


Another important language offered on our campus is French, which gives the students the opportunity to communicate and do business with the Francophone-West Africans.



The following Courses shall be offered at ReCAS upon accreditation:



Degree Courses:


B.Sc. Accounting


Bachelor in Business Administration


B.Sc. Computer Science and Information Technology


B.Sc. Agriculture for Social Change


B.A Basic Education



Diploma Courses:


Diploma in Accounting


Diploma in Business Administration


Diploma in Computer Studies


Diploma in Agriculture for Social Change


Dip. in Basic Education



Specialty of ReCAS:





Sign Language





Special Course:


Career Professional Training as obligatory course for all students.